The Haunted Gallery

Rumors say, abnormal activities are going around here in The Art Gallery where a very precious statue is highly protected by laser. Lately, The Gallery has been closed as all guards were found killed in a strange way, only one angry guard survived and now  is keeping an eye out on the gallery. Enter with your team in that gallery to steal the statue and escape. You have only one hour before the guard comes back. But take care; he will be back as soon as he hears the alarm in the Gallery.

Success rate 15%

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The Mummy

You and your team are a group of expert explorers in Egypt who are hired to find and retrieve the body of an explorer that has gone missing. Rumor has it that he stumbled upon an ancient tomb and has been attacked by something evil. Your mission to explore this tomb, find his body and escape alive! Be awrare of what is inside, you never know what’s lurking around the corner. 

success rate 35%

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Jigsaw has arrived in Lebanon, and is looking for his next victims, is it going to be you? or your friends? Make the sacrifice and let the games begins! 

Success rate 9%


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The Ring, Escape game, ring escape room, horror , lebanon fun.

The Ring

Now open, experience The Ring movie in real life! except in this game you wont have 7 days to live, but only 1 hour! can you survive?


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